Rock Solid Outreach


Outreach is one of the three major components here at RSCC. We want to be a church that shares and shows consistently the love of Jesus. There are many ways of Outreach at RSCC. We partner with others weekly and monthly to advance the Gospel. Below are a few areas that we do Outreach each month.

Outreach Closet

Fill out the form below to get into our outreach closet program. This is for individuals and families that have tremendous need for the basic necessities of clothing and toiletries of everyday life. Once you have filled out the application you will confidentially meet with a representative that will help get you lined up and supply you with the clothes that you need. We want to be able to get you the things you need physically but also spend time with you to see what needs you may have spiritually as well.

Women/men/children’s clothes for free to anyone in need.

Address: 507 A Windslow Ave Gaffney SC 29341