Small Home Groups

Community Groups

Community Groups is really the main driving axle of our Church. In order to grow, become discipled, be ministered to, and minister to others it all stems from your small group you meet with and are in contact with weekly. We want this to become a family that shares meals, bible study time, life in general, and evangelize this city with each other.

Student Ministry

Rock Solid Students

In our world today, our students are a key component for change. With so many things pulling them in so many directions, our heart is that they are able to set a strong foundation in Christ that will not allow them to fail. On Monday nights Pastor Holden and other leaders dig deep with students and push them to grow in a real walk with Christ Jesus.

Kids Ministry

Raised Rock Solid

Raised Rock Solid is all about lifting up and leading this next generation down the path of the Lord. We believe that even as an infant you can set the groundwork in children’s lives that will impact and change them for the many years that come. We want to strive to love them like Jesus and teach them about Jesus.

Hollyn's Hope

Hollyn’s Hope is a new journey and ministry being a supporter. Using 100 percent of funds raised to go back towards healing hearts, which we believe would truly be our daughter Hollyn’s Hope!


Rock Solid Outreach

Outreach is one of the three major components here at RSCC. We want to be a church that shares and shows consistently the love of Jesus. There are many ways of Outreach at RSCC. We partner with others weekly and monthly to advance the Gospel. Below are a few areas that we do Outreach each month.